About The Farm

Streamside Farm at the Elkins Estate
(a Land Conservancy of Elkins Park project)

The mission of the Streamside Farm at Elkins Estate is to improve community access to healthy food by growing produce and flowers in a chemical-free, environmentally sustainable manner. And, to use the Streamside Farm as an educational tool for raising public awareness on sustainable food systems.
Our Goals

  • Grow high quality produce
  • Become a financially sustainable operation that contributes to The Elkins Estate upkeep.
  • Help The Elkins Estate become an irreplaceable and treasured place in the surrounding community
  • Develop an educational curriculum that provides students from a diverse background the knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle and grow their own food.
  • Help build community in Elkins Park, Cheltenham Twp and beyond.

You can purchase our produce at the Creekside Co-op Farmers Market every Sunday from 10am – 2pm at High School Park in Elkins Park.