Japanese Style Flower Arrangement

Experience the joy and harmony of Japanese style flower arrangement at the Streamside Farm at the Elkins Estate. Ongoing weekly classes to learn the art of Japanese style flower arrangements starts in July. Classes are designed for people of all ages and experiences. Classes will focus on basic structure of various styles of Japanese Ikebana arrangements. The chemical-free flowers used in arrangements are freshly gathered from the Streamside Farm at the Elkins Estate. Most arrangements will take from thirty minutes to an hour.

First Series of classes: Tuesdays from 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Week 1: Shoka Style 1, July27 – $25
Week 2: Moribana Style 1, August 3 -$25
Week 3: Free Style 1, August 10 -$25
Week 4: Shoka Style2, August 17 -$25
Week 5: Moribana Style 2, August 24 -$25
Week 6: Unique Individual Free Style, August 31 -$25
Week 7: Unique Individual Free Style, September 7 -$25
Week 8: Unique Individual Free Style, September 14 -$25

Cost of each workshop: $25 includes flowers.

You have a choice to register now for all the first series of classes (8 weeks) and get one class free for $175.
Workshop is limited to 10 students per class. Classes fill up quickly so please make your reservation in timely manner.